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About us

Become part of the Avanti Schools Trust and benefit from an ever evolving and growing school network with an incredible culture and sense of community.

Why we're here

Avanti exists to help each person become a well-rounded human being through intellectual, personal and spiritual growth, and so make the world a better place.



Our 6 Core Principles

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We have incredible potential and can achieve this when nurturing all parts of ourselves – intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual.

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We choose how we wish to respond to life and what we nurture within.

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We care for and respect all life – human, animal and plant – and live in a way that causes the least possible harm.

Avanti Value 04

We each observe the one same reality from our own unique perspective and engage in open-minded dialogue to deeply enrich our vision.

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We serve a higher purpose by living a meaningful and satisfying life of contribution..,

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We are nourished by personal relationships that fulfil our need to love and be loved, encouraging us to be the best we can be.

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